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The notion of marketing has evolved considerably during the last decade; it is now a fantastic way to communicate online to reach a wider audience. It’s also now impossible to define a marketing strategy without an online marketing strategy in place.

Therefore, we propose an outsourced “Marketing Department” to answer all your requests and to help you increase the visibility of your activity.

Our team of experts are here to help you boost your business and increase your presence both locally, and internationally. All of our experts each have a well-defined area of expertise.

To enhance your activity even more, all of our work is systematically produced in French and English.

To enquire about using Rachelle’s consultancy in your business, contact her today on +33 (0)674498268 or click here.

Events CRM Social Media & Blogs PR & Advertising Leaflets & Brochures PPC Web Design Email Marketing Brand Identity

Rachelle can assist you in the creation of events that will attract tourists directly to your business. Wine-tastings, concerts, courses and more, Rachelle knows exactly how to impress your customers and keep them returning to beautiful Epernay for years to come.

Price available upon request.


Keep track of your clients and prospects, send your marketing automatically, and track your sales with ease with Rachelle’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Get organised, grow sales, and save time & money with this highly recommended software that will make your business easier to run than ever before.

Price available upon request.

Social Media & Blogs

Communicate with your potential clients using social media – a modern revolution that every local business must make use of. Rachelle’s team can manage social media on your behalf to eliminate all hassle. Access blogs that depict your business as credible, knowledgeable… and an absolute must-see in Epernay.

Prices available upon request.

PR & Advertising

PR and print advertising will ensure your business appears in the most incredible places. Rachelle and her team will help you to attract clients, gain exposure and stay ahead of your competition.

Price available upon request.

Leaflets & Brochures

Whether you’re seeking wine-tasting leaflets, B&B brochures, or just a way to advertise your business, your team will create a bespoke document for you that perfectly blends local and professional.

Price available on request.


Pay Per Click advertising is an absolute must for any modern business looking to generate tourism. Rachelle’s highly experienced team will manage the PPC on your behalf, using their knowledge to mitigate any risks and ensure only positive outcomes. The team will help you set up and run a PPC campaign, and allow the visitors to flock to you.

Price available upon request.

Web Design

Access communication 2.0 for yourself with a website that truly showcases every element of your business. Pair stunning visuals with powerful words for an impactful website that guarantees to bring you trade. Attract visitors to your B&B or gite with a simple booking system, or potential buyers for your wine with an easy to browse display. Allow visitors to order and pay online with simple e-commerce. You’ve never looked so good.

Website quotes available upon request.

Email Marketing

Put yourself in front of potential clients and tourists through innovative and creative email marketing. Email marketing is an absolute staple for any local organisation looking to attract international attention, and is guaranteed to give you genuine exposure to your target audience.

Prices available upon request.

Brand Identity

Refine and adapt your brand identity to stand out against the stunning background of Champagne. Bring your brand truly to life with a sleek design that reflects its roots.

Price for rebranding available upon request.

Rachelle's Team

Beth Alexander

Assistant Creative Team Leader

As your content writer, Beth uses your tone of voice to produce creative and innovative campaign text that reflects our clients’ ethos. Beth will develop your email marketing, but can also provide content for your collateral and website if needed.

Sarah Abrehart

Senior Designer

As a graphic designer with strong understanding of websites, Sarah brings a wide skillset to the table and can offer great input on ideas and design implementation.

Alex Canter

Digital Marketing Manager

Alex is a Search Engine Optimisation and social media expert, working within platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alex also specialises in digital marketing strategy and Pay Per Click advertising, helping to construct campaigns that generate return.

Milda Olendre

Creative Manager

As Creative Manager, Milda project manages creative tasks and team’s workload. Her extensive experience in graphic and digital design, user experience optimisation, digital project management and digital marketing has contributed to a more streamlined digital communication and corporate presence for a multitude of companies.

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